Custom Printed Paper Frozen Yogurt Cups, Ice Cream Cups, Gelato Cups

#GotFroyo Welcome to’s Wholesale Custom Paper Frozen Yogurt Containers page. If you are starting a frozen yogurt store, opening or are currently operating a fast casual establishment serving ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato – our customizable personalized paper cold containers will offer you an affordable, convenient, and effective way to boost your brand awareness. We now offer both hot and cold paper containers with custom printing. Check out our Soup Containers page HERE for personalized custom design paper hot containers.

While our company mission is to offer quality low cost custom print paper soup containers for your clients to enjoy-our personalized printing options are available with minimums beginning at just 25 cases- volume based pricing breaks are available at 50 and 100 case quantities. In particular these cups are PE coated, using sturdy certified food safe paper stock with full color/flood print capabilities.  Order will typically arrive in 65-70 days from design to delivery.  Contact our office today at 567-694-8225 or of reach out to us on Twitter @printmycups We are here to assist your needs with unique and colorfully designed quality paper frozen yogurt cups, ice cream cups, and gelato cups at discounted wholesale prices.