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What is your minimum order? It all depends! Minimum order requirements may vary by product and size.  For example, our minimums on most paper goods such as frozen yogurt cups, hot paper drink cups, soup cups, and gelato cups are 25K per design, per size.  For plastic items such as Clear Drink Cups (PET) and (PP) are 50K per size, per print. Please view the page of the product you’re interested in for specific minimum order information.
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Can you print less than the minimum order if I pay an additional fee? Money can’t buy you love, and it can’t buy you lower minimums. Nothing can be printed in less than the minimum quantity, even if you pay a fee.  We’ve just recently launched a lower minimum domestically produced line of.  The minimum is only 10,000pcs versus our standard 25,000 minimum requirement.  The lead time is only 3 weeks. 

Is the minimum order per size or for my entire order? Nope. The minimum order is per size per design. Each design and each size of product has a minimum order and you cannot combine sizes or designs to meet the minimum.

Are there price breaks for ordering more than the minimum quanity? Probably! There may be a reduction in the per piece cost if you order in larger quantities. Contact us at or call into our offices.  Our pricing structure offers discounted pricing at 50,000 and 100,000 print volumes.  We have extra special factory direct pricing for clients ordering truckload quantity— and you get the direct mobile number of our corporate director. Whoot Whoot!

How do I submit artwork? We have several convenient ways for clients to submit their artworks.  If you are ordering through our conventional e commerce site the artwork submit feature will be included on the final checkout page.  You can always send us a mail @ or click on the CUSTOM QUOTE tab on the right side of our – fill the details- and submit your design.

If you are seeking a customized quotation for custom printed foodservice packaging through our “Send me A Custom Quote” slider- simply click the “upload” button and attach your image.

Preferred image files are .eps or .ai which our designers can manipulate in developing your custom print digital proof.

What electronic format should the artwork be submitted in? All artwork must be submitted in a vector format. This is either an AI format (Adobe Illustrator), EPS format (Encapsulated Post Script), or an editable PDF file (not all PDFs are acceptable). If the art is not in a vector format, we cannot use it.

Do you have any artwork fees? If you like additional fees for artwork and lots of other hidden charges…. perhaps you can try one of our competitors:)  We on the other hand- offer clients a simple, straightforward, and stressfree pricing model (ie no hidden charges ever, our promise)

Can you design my art for me? Sorry, no. We do not provide custom design services. You must have your design completed prior to submitting your artwork. In some cases we can make minor changes and adjustments to optimize for printing, but we cannot design your art from scratch. We might be able to offer assistance in converting formats of your artwork (i.e., from JPEG to Adobe). If you don’t have a logo designed, we recommend contacting a local graphic designer.

Will I receive a sample of my custom product with my artwork on it before I order? No, you will not receive a physical sample of your product. However, you will receive an electronic proof of your artwork so you can see what the final product looks like on the actual print templates.. Clients are required to sign and approve the electronic proof prior to ordering to ensure an error proof print.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Samples” tab_id=”1416142453649-6-7″][vc_column_text]SAMPLES

I am interested to view a sample of the product before I order?

Gladly we can accommodate that request.  We do offer samples free of charge, however due to our demand it is our policy the client pays for shipping.  Simply search in the toolbar for “sample kit” and follow the prompts for your delivery address and payment method.  We ship most samples within 24 hours based on availability.